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Shellfish Masshole: Cape Cod Man Kills $10K Worth Of Lobster At Seafood Market He Used To Own

Via the Sandwich Enterprise

Joseph A. Vaudo, who for decades ran seafood markets near the Sandwich Marina before going bankrupt and losing his business, was arrested Friday, June 25 after he allegedly went to his former market, which is now operated by a new owner, and turned off the compressor and oxygen supply to the live lobster tank.

As a result, about $10,000 worth of lobsters died.


According to the Cape Cod Times this isn't Vaudo's first run in with the long claw of the law:

Vaudo pleaded guilty in March of 2014 to receiving stolen oysters at the former site of Joe’s Lobster Mart on the Cape Cod Canal. He paid a $6,250 fine, and had his two state permits to sell seafood revoked.

Vaudo bought the oysters from Michael Bryant, who would later say at a hearing where he pleaded guilty to stealing oysters that he sold stolen seafood to Vaudo on other occasions.

Interested to see what his sentence will be this time around & I hope justice is served up like a steamy Boston lobstah.

Giphy Images.

Sheesh. Find me a more Cape Cod story than that. I'll wait.

Ah, right. Nevermind… 

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