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Wild Twitter Thread Documents How a Family of Raccoons Terrorized a Woman's Home And Took Ownership Of It This Weekend

When you go away for a few days there's always that fear you forgot to lock the door, close the garage, turn off the stove etc. You get home and do a quick check to make sure everything is fine, which 99% of the time it is. Never does it really cross your mind about the potential of an animal breaking into your house, taking ownership of it, and destroying all of your material items. Well, that happened to Haley here and she documented it for the world to see in hilarious fashion.

 Imagine coming home and see a raccoon crawling on your walls? Only one option: you run outside and burn the place down immediately. The fact that she was still calm enough to record everything is astonishing. 


As the thread continues she reveals the discovery of FIVE raccoons????  Forget animal control I'm calling counter terrorism. CTU hello yes, I need Bauer right now. Just send him. 

How about this person who tells her to just throw a blanket over the raccoon and trap it. Tell me you've never seen a wild animal in person without telling me you've never seen a wild animal in person. Feels like how the Kardashians would attack this problem if outside assistance was unavailable. 

"Throw a blanket over it, trap it, and carry it outside" What a fucking line. In case you've never encountered any suburban area, raccoons are not to be trifled with. Brings me back to when I was living at home during the heart of the pandemic and my mom trapped a raccoon in our attic. This thing was a goddamn behemoth but she got him good because she's the smartest person I've ever met. Also way more brave than I ever will be. Hailey if you need help just let me know. 


Now I will say things could be worse. Hailey could have came home to find an ELEPHANT in her house. 

After further research that was the SECOND elephant break in for that family. At some point you to need to move away, I don't care if money is an obstacle. Can't have loud bangs coming from downstairs and it being an elephant break in. Can't happen. 

Here's to hoping Hailey comes to her senses and gives up trying to reclaim her home. That's the raccoons now and there's nothing you can do. 

P.S. This thread was gold with other people chiming in. How about this person who came home to see a raccoon stuck in the wall? Almost looks like something you buy at a hunting store for wall art except this guy was just trapped. No words.