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The NCAA Has Removed NC State From the College World Series After Covid Positives

On Friday morning, North Carolina State was one win away from the championship round of the College World Series and had two opportunities to get that win against Vanderbilt. And then in the blink of an eye, the Wolfpack was forced to take its first shot against the Commodores with just 13 players and now won't get that second shot at all.

In what may be the most chickenshit news dump I've ever seen in my life, the NCAA announced at 2:10 a.m. Saturday that NC State would no longer be able to play in the CWS and that Vanderbilt would get a free pass through to the championship series to face the winner of Texas and Mississippi State.

I don't even know what to say about this. Obviously the health and safety of all the players comes first. But if NC State was able to play with 13 on Friday afternoon — and did so admirably, coming painfully close to taking down Vandy with Kumar Rocker on the mound — then why, at the very least, couldn't they have those same guys go out there again on Saturday? At least give these kids a chance.

Instead, Vanderbilt will stroll into the championship series with Jack Leiter ready to go in Game 1 and should be able to have Rocker back for a potential Game 3. If the Dores do end up "winning" this national championship, that's a fraudulent title if I've ever seen one. It should seriously go down with an asterisk in the record book.

My heart honestly breaks for all the kids at NC State. They looked like the team of destiny from the last month of the regular season all the way through to Omaha and then they had it all snatched away. It's truly gut-wrenching stuff.

This College World Series had been unbelievably great, too. The finish of every night game was incredible and the level of play across the board was phenomenal. But something tells me that in a few years, all we'll remember from 2021 is a tainted title, regardless of which of the three teams remaining wins it.

This really sucks.