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UFC Featherweight Justin Jaynes Is Betting His Entire $25k Paycheck On Himself Tomorrow Night

There's self-confidence, and then there's literally betting your entire $25,000 purse on yourself to win a fight. 

What a fucking rush that must be, huh? Could it be a legal performance enhancer?! +145 underdog Justin Jaynes is gonna find out tomorrow night when he takes on Charles Rosa at UFC Vegas 30.

I'm not sure how this is legal, technically, but in combat sports there must be some rules that make it okay, because he's certainly not the first prizefighter to place a wager on himself to win. Floyd Mayweather is notorious for this, Tim Elliott said just a few months ago he placed a large bet on himself to beat Jordan Espinosa, and Georges St-Pierre even admitted to doing this back in the day.

Jaynes' opponent, Charles Rosa, responded....

....but I don't think Rosa realized that if Justin were to put $25k on him, that WOULD be illegal. That's called fixing a fight, pal. 

I love the self-confidence from Jaynes, personally, and if I were in a legal state I'd definitely throw some money on him at the Barstool Sportsbook. I couldn't be more on his side when he says not to tell him what to do with his money, either. 

You wanna get nuts and bet it all on yourself?! Fuck it, let's get nuts!

I'm only more intrigued in watching this fight now! Can't wait!

P.S. We got Bellator and PFL on tonight….