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What Is Your Favorite Gas Station?

What if I Told you this picture caused an all out war on Gas stations. I am also writing this by myself in an applebees and never felt so uncomfortable in my life. So, Kum And Go knows what they are doing.They embrace the jokes and no matter how old a guy or girl is its funny as shit. I also have to admit the merch is fire it almost looks like its a vintage shirt. So I thought nothing of this I was just excited to go there and all of a sudden I woke up this morning to this tweet. 


The photoshop is done so poorly I loved it even more. I feel like that took them awhile and they nailed it. I hear a lot of hype about Kwik Trip and I am in Milwaukee right now so I'll have to go and check it out. This is where the war starts. 

This is where it got serious and I decided since I am an actual journalist I will be talking to representatives from as many gas stations I can get in touch with. I have Sheetz, Quick Trip, Kwik Trip, Caseys and Kum and Go. We do have to talk about something though, who was first? Quick or Kwik, kinda seems fucked up and thats why I am here. I love a good gas station war, whose go the better snacks, sandwiches etc. In my opinion Wawa is my favorite because of their sandwiches, they have this one during Thanksgiving and I don't think any restaurant can ever come close to it. Now Bucees is very overwhelming, a lot to unpack when you get in there but they have the nicest public bathrooms anyone has ever seen. They are clean, good space in the shitter and just a great experience. So after I talk to all of these gas stations I will make a decision on who I will go with as my favorite. It sounds dumb but having loyalty to one gas station is huge and I will do this with integrity. ( I can be bought immediately) In the comments tell me what your favorite is.