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Why Can’t Chicago Have Nice Things? City Announces We Will Not Have Fireworks On 4th Of July This Year.

Blockclub- There will be no Fourth of July fireworks show at Navy Pier this year.

The popular destination will still host programs for the holiday weekend, with live music, dance performances and family-friendly activities, according to a news release. But it won’t put on a fireworks show that Saturday or Sunday since Navy Pier wasn’t able to plan a large-scale celebration due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The pier typically hosts a 15-minute fireworks display that attracts thousands of people from throughout the city.

“Planning for this celebration would have needed to begin in March to procure necessary regional and federal security resources and develop a comprehensive plan to safeguard the wellbeing of the more than 100,000 guests who visit the Pier that day in anticipation of the only formal fireworks show in the city,” according to Navy Pier. “Given the short lead time following the recent announcement of Illinois and Chicago’s respective Phase 5 reopening plans, the Pier was unable to begin preparations in time to ensure a successful celebration this year.”

The spot also didn’t host a fireworks show for the Fourth of July last year due to the pandemic.

But the pier is hosting other fireworks shows this year, with one planned for July 7 and Wednesdays and Saturdays after that until Labor Day weekend.

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This fucking city man. 

You're telling me you can light fireworks off for all the trailer trash, hood rats, and mouth breathers that come downtown and descend upon Navy Pier with their snotty, kool-aid mouth stained kids every fucking Saturday night AND WEDNESDAYS every week this whole summer, but you can't on our Nation's Birthday because "it would take too long to plan"?

Hey look, man, tell me you don't like my firm, tell me you don't like my idea, tell me you don't like my fuckin neck tie, but don't tell me you can't put together 15 minutes of fireworks for your God-forsaken citizens and tourists on the 4th of July.

Only in a city run by the astounding amount of mental midgets like ours, would the brain trust surmise that announcing there shall be no fireworks on the 4th deter an onslaught of tourists from coming to the city, and specifically Navy Pier. 


Nevermind the fact we didn't get fireworks last year, (because as everybody knows Covid thrives on fireworks), but after the miserable year we had, and the slim amount of normalcy we've been allowed to experience since June 9th, we fucking deserve fireworks on the 4th God Damn It. 

Fireworks on Lake Michigan is a serious thing!

If you're not going to let us have them then cut the shit with the half-ass shows every Wednesday night and Saturday. Don't tease us like we're stupid dogs. 

Power trips are something else.

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p.s. - you know what we need? We need our own version of 1990's John Gotti. Not in the sense of a mass murderer godfather, but in the sense of a local badass who says "fuck the city, I'm gonna blow their fireworks out of the water and endear the people to me with a kickass firework show of my own." 

Gotti use to put on fireworks shows that put everybody else's to shame. 

Who will be our Gotti and give the finger to the city?