Charles Payne Just Called Dave A "Little Bitch" Live On Fox Business

This was an absolutely shocking moment. A bunch of us were watching in the gambling cave (it was the move) and the reaction was just as you would expect: shock.

There's just something about people swearing on cable TV. Yeah, it happens a lot now, but hearing "little bitch" from Charles Payne? Directed at Dave? Shocking.

My biggest takeaway was how much Dave loved it:

And then the smile:

Here is the full video of the interview, centering around the GME/AMC drama from earlier in the year:

Charles Payne started off by asking Dave to essentially apologize for getting his followers into GME/AMC, even though he eventually sold. Charles refers to Dave as having "paper hands." Charles said Dave was the face of this movement, leading to his followers put their money into these meme stocks, and not caring about the money they lost is "cold." Charles went onto accuse Dave of "helping the establishment" by selling when he did, even though he lost $700,000. The rest can be watched above.

A great quote from Dave:

"If you listen to what people say on social media, you'll never leave your mom's basement." (Charles Payne responded by saying he has a big house…HARDOOOOO)

I don't really have anything against Charles Payne, but saying Dave started and led the meme stock movement is wrong. He joined it. He never acted like he started it. Payne kept mentioning how well he documented the timeline of the GME/AMC movement, so you'd think he'd know this, but he did not. Was he the biggest guy tweeting about it? Probably outside of Elon, but that's what Dave does. He talks about what's hot on the internet. It's been that way since he started this thing. Payne interviews a lot of people each day so it's hard to know everything about everyone, but searching for an apology from Dave? That is truly an insane thing to do if he knew the first thing about him. 

All that being said, the ending was very funny with Payne responding to Dave asking who Gary Gensler is by saying, "he's the chairman of the SEC. Alright, Dave. We'll leave it there my man."