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Bah Gawd That's Chris Paul Music!!


Things just keep getting better and better for the Suns huh? Already the darling of the playoffs, the current NBA title favorite, up 2-0 and now they welcome back their leader and floor general in Chris Paul. Pretty poetic that he makes his return on the road in LA against the Clippers, but that's how this entire storybook year has gone for CP3. Even with no Kawhi, the fact that the Suns were able to take care of business and find themselves just two wins away from the NBA Finals despite Chris Paul playing a total of zero (0) minutes is pretty remarkable. They needed some prayers in order to be in this position but that's no different from any other previous NBA champion. You need prayers along the way.

Since coming back from his shoulder injury, Chris Paul has been fantastic. I know he's been off for 11 days, but let's not forget that he just put up 25.5/5.0/10.3 on 62/58% splits.

His midrange game has never been more lethal than it is at this moment in time. Now he just got over a week's worth of rest. You don't think that helps a 36 year old? Of course it does. So the Suns aren't just getting a return of Chris Pauk, they're getting a rested Chris Paul. Even more of a reason to be excited as a Suns fan heading into tonight.

Essentially, if the Suns win this game, the series is over. A team this good is not blowing a 3-0 lead. In fact, it's never happened in NBA history. 144-0. Conference Finalists up 3-0 are 24-0 all time. That's why the Valley Oop prayer was so massive. To get that win knowing you're about to add CP3 to the mix changes the entire feel of the series. At this point, I think we're all rooting for Chris Paul unless you're a dickhead or something. It wouldn't shock me if Clippers fans were as well given their history. He deserves an opportunity like this. All I want to see is a healthy Chris Paul get a legit crack at a Finals/title. No pulled hammies, no covid, can we please let the Point God stay healthy so he can do his thing. 

The Suns have been throwing knockout punches for what seems like forever in these playoffs, and now Chris Paul has his chance to deliver his own. Game 3 should be fun.