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Lori Lightfoot Almost Got Choke Slammed By An Alderman Yesterday At A Wild And Out Of Control City Hall Hearing

Another day another circus at city hall. 

Name me somebody that has less control over anything than Lori Lightfoot. You can't.

I'll set the scene for everybody.

A casual June Chicago City Council meeting.

On the agenda:

- The business recovery package

- Hotel workers recall bill

- Lake Shore Drive rename

- Police accountability on the table to be voted on

The first two items were routine resolutions for a woman who passed away after years of service in Chinatown. Following that was an appointment of the corporation council. Semantic self-pleasure bullshit. Should have been extremely routine.

But Aldermen Lopez and Taylor decided that they wanted to defer and publish that motion, and not appoint anybody yet because the city has settled cases of treating people unjustly.

Basically, this corporation council has defended the city in the case where police went into the wrong house and accosted an innocent woman who was naked. Not good. But shit went off the rails when this got brought up yesterday.


Instead of taking the L, they decided to recess the meeting until Friday and Alderman Taylor lost her shit.

Of course Mayor Lightfoot spoke condescendingly to Alderman Taylor, because that's her modus operandi all day, every day, every way, and Alderman Taylor did not take kindly to it. Allegedly telling the Mayor "don't speak to me like a child" and "get your hands out of my face".

The council then separated into two groups, like school children at recess after a fight that the teacher didn't break up because she was behind the bleachers sneaking a cigarette. Because Chicago.

Like I blogged last week, the constant instigating and shit-talking by Lori is really starting to turn me on in some dark twisted way. I totally get how her wife fell for her now.


But at the same time, love or lust aside, respect to Alderman Taylor here for not taking Lori's bullshit and getting in her face.

I don't think anybody would have blamed her one iota if she went full-on Dead Man and gave her the ride to hell.

Giphy Images.

She should be commended for her restraint.

 Hopefully this sets a trend amongst our pathetic collective of Aldermen in this city. 

1- start actually showing up to vote on shit.

2- actually vote on shit. Enough punting it til next council meeting like useless bitches.

3- don't let the Mayor act like she's a dictator. 

p.s. - rename Lake Shore Drive, "Du Sable Lake Shore Drive" and call it a fucking day. Mutual compromise. Each side gives in. Can we start focussing on shit that actually matters around here and not non-stop nonsense like this bullshit?

s/o John D.