Jon Rahm Chugs Out Of The US Open Trophy, Blasts A Glow-In-The-Dark Golf Ball To The Moon

Rahmbo!!!! Who knew he had this in him!?

 This is a party right here. This is the high life. I have no idea what the hell Jon was chugging there but I can assure you it's the sweetest nectar those lips have ever tasted. That could've been expired ram's piss and ol Jonny wouldn't have even blinked before sending that rock into orbit. Dude didn't even care what he was hitting off of either. Tight lie off the patio and he picked that bitch absolutely clean and sent it on its merry way.

I can't even imagine the high that winning the US Open would be. An all-time celebration for sure. It's one of the best trophies out there for drinking out of. The Stanley Cup definitely is the GOAT with regards to pure drinking, but you've got to split that up with a few dozen guys. This is different. This is yours and yours alone. You dictate who gets to hold it, you dictate who gets to drink out of it, and if you want to destroy golf balls between swigs, that's your prerogative. Good to see Jon Rahm making the most of it.