If You Order A Lobster Sub From Quizno's You Deserve To Be Placed On A Government Watch List

In the words of the incomparable Jim Ross, if you order one of these things I think it means you just have no regard for human life right? 

How many of these things do you think they sell in a week? Honest question.

When the top dogs at Quizno's corporate (yes Quizno's is still in business, I took this picture last night at Division and Wells in Chicago) are looking at their mix report, what's the line item for "Lobster & seafood" look like for them? Are we talking 100? 10? Can somebody in the know at Quizno's World Headquarters let me know? 

Also, as Glenny covered yesterday regarding Subway and their faux tuna subs, what do we think the "& seafood" is actually comprised of? 

p.s. - Old Bay has gotta get their brand the fuck away from this. Don't align your seasoning brand with mystery lobster meat subs for $6.99 is marketing 101 guys. Clean it up.

p.p.s.- in the process of trying to pressure white sox dave into visiting here tomorrow with me to try this. Him not I. For content purposes of course. Stand by