I Am Tired Of People Crying Over Soldier Field

After careful consideration, I would like to tell the people who want the Bears to stay in Soldier Field to FUCK themselves. I am a horse guy. I want to keep Arlington as Arlington Race Track. My horses need a place to run and live and be horses and I like that I can go into the barn on off days and pet their little snouts(I only own a small percentage of the horse and I like think that the part of the horse I own is their snouts because they're great for petting) and feed them carrots. What I do NOT want to do is keep Soldier Field as Soldier Field. I don't know why people can't accept the simple truth that Soldier Field as a football venue is GARBAGE. It sucks. It basically always has. I am not sure why people have such a hard time admitting that.

The ONLY good thing about it is the location. It was cool before the renovations when you could see those columns. Now it's an eye sore from the outside. The field, meaning the literal grass, also sucks. People who complain about theoretically having to take a train from the city to Arlington or making that drive have never had to get to Soldier Field from the city or from the suburbs on game day which is a fucking NIGHTMARE. Enjoy your $78 uber from the West side of town. Or the North side. Or anywhere. The food in the Sight lines are whatever. It's the smallest stadium in football. 


People want to talk about the sentimentality of the stadium and the memories. What memories? Your dad's from that one time the Bears were good in their entire tenure at Soldier Field before you were born? The stadium wasn't even built for football. Soldier Field was constructed to host track and field. The Bears moved in for the 1971 season. The renovation and expansion that happened 20 years ago was clearly botched. The city and its leadership don't deserve another shot to do it again. They'll cut corners and fuck it up. 

I wish there was a solution for the Bears to remain in Soldier Field and have it be a true state of the art venue worthy of a founding franchise in a huge market. That is impossible. The City won't put up the money needed because they don't have it. The Bears don't have options, it seems, other than Arlington. Something they explored in 1978 too. This is not a new idea. Now the Bears can finally do it. I am not happy about it, per se, but I want the Bears to have the resources needed to give the fans a better product and part of that equation is having a stadium that allows more fans to experience game day. 

I agree with Eddie that the Bears need Bear Weather. So have a retractable roof and let it be know that at 11AM, one hour before kick off, starting in October that roof will be open by decree. Jared Goff, and all the other warm weather pussies will have to bundle up because last time I checked the Suburbs have wind, weather, and cold too.