Trae Young Has Decided to Murder Yet Another City En Route to the NBA Finals

Y'all just let Ice Trae know when you've had enough. He strikes me as a nice enough kid to not rip your jugular out as long as you let the Hawks get a comfortable lead and he doesn't have to go in like that.

I can't overstate how much I love this kid. He's played a grand total of 13 playoff games and has arguably been the best player in the entire NBA Playoffs this season. And in Game 1 against Milwaukee, all Trae did was drop a casual 48-piece nugget on 50 percent shooting with three or four highlight reel plays that most players don't make in a season.


So for the third time in three series, the Atlanta Hawks have a 1-0 lead. Even more impressively, Young led the Hawks to their first ever win in the Eastern Conference Finals. Atlanta is literally in the best position it has ever been as a franchise at this very moment.

He made light work of New York. He helped end The Process in Philadelphia. Now he's gone to Milwaukee and will once again prevent Giannis from making an NBA Finals appearance. Trae Young is the Grim Reaper and will not stop snatching souls until he has a ring.

I will always have Battered Fan Syndrome when it comes to Atlanta sports franchises, but every time you wait for the other shoe to drop with this Hawks team, it doesn't happen. They just keep making plays. Their playoff motto is simply "Believe" and I think everyone is starting to.

Trae Young will be the best player on the floor in any game the Hawks play the rest of this season. Three more to get to the Finals.