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The Top Pitching Prospect In Baseball Threw A Pitch So Fast It Ripped Through The Webbing In The Top Catching Prospect In Baseball's Glove During A Game

You want a reason for us Orioles fans to get hyped up and excited about the future? Just look at this clip and the pictures. The top pitching prospect in baseball, Grayson Rodriguez was on the hill throwing to his good friend and number 2 ranked prospect in baseball, Adley Rutschman. Adley calls for a fastball and Grayson sends one 99 MPH high and outside. Seems like a normal ball until you realize Rutschman is walking back to the dugout. Innings not over why is he going to the dugout? Nothing too major, just a massive hole in the webbing of his glove because Grayson throws so damn fast and so hard that he broke the webbing in Adley's glove. Think about that. Do you know how hard it is to snap through the webbing in a catchers mitt? How many times have you seen a guy catching Aroldis Chapman's glove rip and tear? Never. 


It looks like it got shot with a cannon. You see it a lot with first baseman's mitts, a ball pops out, slides through the webbing, no big deal you tighten it up and move on. This didn't slip through the webbing it snapped the laces. Grayson is damn horse on the mound, a massive dude. I saw his first home start in AA and he was hitting 103 on the radar gun. 103. Like one hundred and three MPH. As a starter. Fastball was constantly 99-101 and we know it's legit because the Orioles had their stats and analytics people there recording it all, it's not just a juiced minor league gun. He throws hard and I think we can take his word for it after seeing Rutschman's glove. You just don't see this that often in baseball, those catchers mitts are built to be indestructible. After catching Grayson for only 3 weeks it seems like Adley's glove had enough and called it quits. 

Here's just a little taste of what Grayson is working with.