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The Hype Video For Tomorrow's Match Vs Tank Is Unreal


That video is awesome. Is Barstool doing WWE style videos better than WWE now? Many people are saying. A rematch a week in the making happens tomorrow inside of Stool Streams Stadium. Me vs Tank. Man vs Baby. 

What are my thoughts? I'm ready to go. I just played a practice round and sank 4 cornholes in the same round, notta big deal. Sure, one bounced off the overhead light which probably isn't what you want, but it still went in!

Honestly though, I'm not great at cornhole lol. I've said that in the last 2 interviews for the hype vids and it's true, I kinda stink at it. But that doesn't mean I don't think I can beat Frank. However, he does have a secret weapon up his sleeve....Big Cat.




Trim looking Big Cat not only hyping up Frank but also getting in my head is going to be a hell of a combo. They are bringing in bleachers and it's going to be *electric* inside the SSS. It's going to be awesome. 

Make sure to get your picks in on the Play Barstool app. I think game 1 is at 2:30 tomorrow.