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Fairy Tale Ending: Aussie Cop Who Was Arrested For Doing Cocaine Off a Playboy Model's Naked Body Is Now Teaming Up With Her On OnlyFans

NY Post

A disgraced Australian police officer who was infamously busted snorting coke off a Playboy model’s nude body has embarked on a porn career with the same woman. Cop-turned-skin flick star Zachary Samuel Maidment is reportedly raking in big dough with his new partner in crime on the booming billion-dollar OnlyFans platform.

Everyone wants a happy ending, but it doesn't always roll that way. You have to get lucky and have all the dominos fall your direction to really get yourself out of a true life crisis. Whenever it does break your way it should be screamed from the mountain tops for all of us to have hope one day. Being arrested and fired from your police officer job after you were caught snorting cocaine off a model's boobs isn't the greatest of 180s to happen in your life. One minute you're having the time of your life, the next you are behind bars as you plummet to rock bottom. Pretty tough to turn that into a positive right? 

Well not when the Playboy model who you engaged in the act with wants to team up and start a porn career on Only Fans. Life will throw you a million different curveballs and it's our job to maneuver our way through them. THIS is how you do it. Very rarely does getting fired from your job lead you to being way better off, but it's impossible to argue this fella is in a worse spot than he was a year ago. Only Fans can be a gold mine if you do it the right way, especially with someone like Tyana Hansen. This former cop is going to be making way more money than he ever dreamed of while avoiding all the danger. Legendary stuff. The folks on his former police force have to be filled with jealousy and rage with how this turned out. 

Movies these days are so stale and always repeating the same plot lines. Well I'd say this story right here is a modern day version of a romcom that a major film studio needs to jump on. Has to happen.