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Eddie And I Took A Trip To Gale Street Inn To Treat Ourselves To The Best Ribs In Chicago

Gale Street Inn is one of those special places that you walk into your first time and you feel like you've been going there for years.

The friendly faces, warm greetings, and hypnotic aromas are outweighed only by the cacophony of thick Chicago accents throughout the dining room and bar.

Situated on Chicago's northwest side, in the Jefferson Park neighborhood, Gale Street Inn is an institution. 

I was lucky enough to learn about it a long time ago from Eddie. 

I met Eddie long before he became an intern here at Barstool Chicago. He came out to support and ended up subbing in for me at Greg Olsen's kickball tournament when Dave and I got sent to the holding pen. Our friendship began then and Eddie would pick my brain on what I thought were good food spots in Chicago. Having not really ventured outside of downtown Eddie began compiling a list of "must try's" for me. 

At the top of that list, the first place he told me was The Gale Street Inn.

As I mentioned in the video, I made the visit and was blown away. The food, the service, and the atmosphere were all lights out. This had to have been 7 or 8 years ago and I've been going there regularly ever since. 

Thanks to Eddie, being the official unofficial mayor of Edison and Jefferson Parks and all (you'll see in the video what I mean), I got the chance to meet the illustrious owner of Gale Street Inn, George Karzas.

George's family has owned the establishment since the 60s. He grew up in the business working for his father, a son of a Greek immigrant who owned diners downtown before borrowing from a loan shark in order to purchase Gale Street.

Without spoiling too much of the video, George's story is awesome. He's a true "restaurant-man" through and through and one of the greatest hosts I have ever met. The guy can talk like none other and runs a business that multiple generations of families find themselves coming to regularly for everything from a casual dinner to engagement parties and birthdays. 

He also successfully pivoted during covid-lockdown into a to-go business that thrived and continues to boom. 

His BBQ sauce is now for sale on their website and will be shipping outside of Illinois very soon so stay tuned!

The Gale Street Inn is located at 4914 N Milwaukee Ave, in Jefferson Park, Chicago.

The entire menu is off the charts but you have to try their french onion soup, jambalaya, twice baked potato and of course the ribs.

When you visit tell George that Eddie sent you! 

S/o to our guy Harry on the video