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ATTENTION BETAS: This Is What A True Alpha Male Looks Like

Imagine waking up first thing in the morning and going to the gym. 4:30 gang. You're meal prepping throughout the week, you're jacked, you're tall, you're tan, you're handsome as could be. So you head out on a Saturday night to your favorite go-to spot looking to pick up a new lady friend or two. You situate yourself at the bar where girls are naturally going to be funneling your way. Smart play, shoutout to the butt funnel. You figure half the work is getting them to you, then all you have to do from there is let your extra tight shirt and extra large muscles do the work for you. 

You spot a pack of rockets coming your way. It's your big moment. They walk right up to you and then next thing you know....well they just keep walking. And as you turn around to see what in the fuck just happened, you realize that this stallion is standing a mere 10 feet behind you. 


Yeah. Good luck competing with that. 

Because that right there? That's what a true alpha looks like. Hands faster than Delino Deshields, hips that don't lie, balance like that top from Inception, and shorts so cargo that they almost got stuck in the Suez Canal. A man who will steal your girl, your mom, and potentially your grandma while he's at it for the clean sweep. My god. What a legend.