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To The Surprise Of No One It Looks Like Subway Isn't Selling Actual Tunafish

So from what I'm gathering here is that a journalist for the NY Times decided to get some Tuna from Subway and fly it cross country in a cooler in order to test it at a lab. What the lab then found was that there is no DNA from actual Tuna fish in that very Tuna. Not great if you're trying to Eat Fresh! Yet now the question remains- Is anyone really surprised? I mean we are talking about Subway here, we aren't talking about a creme de la creme fast casual sandwich shop like Jersey Mike's or Jimmy John's. 

If you're ordering the Tuna from Subway in the first place I really don't even know what to tell ya. They ain't flying in fresh-caught bluefun tuna for ya. A lot of folks I know love the chicken sandwiches, I always go cold cut, and hell I even know some people that used to get the pastrami when they had it back in the day. But I think that's why a bunch of folks enjoy Subway- you need to keep your expectations in tact...it's just Subway. For example when we were on our #BarstoolVsAmerica RV Tour a few weeks ago traveling cross country & we'd happen to see a Subway at the gas station we stopped at it felt like we were dining at Peter Luger's! 

And don't get me wrong I really do enjoy Subway. In fact I enjoy Subway so much that back in the day when I was in probably 8th grade me and a couple of my pals would take our Haro bikes (I was too big for a haro so I had a mountain bike) to meet at the Subway down the block from our houses every Saturday at 11:30am, order some sandwiches, get some drinks, and enjoy some good conversation for literally HOURS. We actually called ourselves SCOA- the Subway Crew of America. So yeah...I LOVED Subway and still do to this day despite these Tuna allegations. 

Hopefully everything works out okay for all parties involved. Maybe Subway could just start using some actual tuna that was once breathing & swimming so everyone can go home happy?