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Sergio Romo One-Upped Max Scherzer And Actually Pulled Down His Pants When The Umps Checked Him For Sticky Stuff Last Night

Oh hell yeah, the Rob Manfred Era has just dialed the old ballgame up to a whole new level now that we have players dropping their pants in the middle of a game. This entire time, everyone's been crying about baseball games being too long or late for kids to #GrowTheGame. But maybe baseball should go the other direction and sprinkle in a little bit of the WWF Attitude Era into the sport. I know that got me as well as countless kids to start watching wrestling again as we crotch chopped every adult that told us no. 

Baseball players have always had a little edge to them, so why not embrace it? Don't give me all that shit about the sanctity of the sport either. That was killed by the last commissioner. Instead give me players going ass out for the boys when umpires ask to see their belts, coaches challenging opposing pitchers to fights, and Major League Baseball trying to figure out how to police all this shit by changing rules on the fly in the middle of the season. Baseball had its run as being the magical G-rated pastime of America that James Earl Jones waxed poetic about in Field Of Dreams, but that ship has sailed. Now lets turn it into a sport that fits the world it is in now by making it a little more mature and fun like Biff's 1985 from Back To The Future II.