Victoria Secret Was So Exclusionary That These Models Were Never Allowed To Work For Them

People are all up in arms about Victoria Secret abandoning the brand and the women that made them an international brand worth billions. Victoria Secret had received some public criticism for being too exclusionary. Well, the proof is in the pudding. I agree. The women that were rejected or not even considered is disgusting. I want to shine a light on some of these beautiful women. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and these women deserve some recognition. 

Elizabeth C Turner. Good enough for Guess, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many brands. Not good enough for Victoria Secret. Abhorent

Maggie Rawlins. She's been in country music videos. She's been in Sports Illustrated. She's a nurse. Somehow none of that matters to Victoria Secret. Repulsive

Neta Alchimister had to start her own brand because Victoria Secret never considered her. Detestable

Cindy Mello. Brazilian. Tall. Somehow…never called by VS. That is loathesome

Hayley Maxfield…too Florida, I guess. Never approached. Despicable 

Isabelle Mathers. Maybe VS didn't have the travel budget to fly her in from Australia. Smh

I am sure there are thousands, possibly millions(but probably only hundreds) of women out there that dreamed of working for Victoria Secret only to have the door slammed in their face. Disgusting. I hope these women can all land on their feet at whichever company decides that being gorgeous is still in style.