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Dudes Night Out - British Guy Gets Shit Canned With His Friends, Convinced To Legally Change Name To John Cena

[Source] - A DRINKER had more than just a hangover to grapple with when he woke to find he had changed his name to that of wrestler John Cena.

Lewis Oldfield, 23, had been play-fighting while boozed-up with pals when they dared him to do it.

The restaurant shift leader, from Bradford, said: “We’d had a few drinks and were play-wrestling. We were just messing around, pretending to do announcements like in WWE and one of my friends was introducing John Cena.

“One thing led to another and they dared me to change my name to John Cena. 

Classic dudes night out. Who amongst us hasn't gone out with some buddies and ended up three sheets to the wind play wrestling? A tale as old as time. Best part? Dude just isn't even a huge Cena fan. Correction actually, he's not even a big wrestling fan! 

“I was going to get a tattoo saying it but did this instead. I always follow through with dares so I just did it. I’m not even a wrestling fan!”

Shout out Lewis. Too many times people take a dare or say they are going to do something and not follow through with it. Have some self-respect one time and if you agree to legally change your name, you do that. Reminds me of a buddy I wen to high school with. His nickname was/is Ralph. Can't even really explain why, just got called it at a basketball camp one summer in grade school and it stuck. That's his name. We wanted him to legally change it but his mother was losing her mind about it. Once a nickname sticks, you should be able to legally change your name easily to it. 

Now if we're going with legally changing your name to a wrestler, John Cena is slightly above average at best. You get to do the you can't see me move which is cool. The name itself is fine. You have to do the old Michael Bolton routine and that's not too shabby. 

If I had to change my name to a wrestler I immediately go to Shawn Michaels strictly for the nickname HBK and Sexy Boy song. Rick Rude would be a hell of a name to have. Val Venis would make me laugh but zero chance I could ever walk around with that name. Can't be having my son's friends call me Mr. Venis. 

Most shocking part of the story though? 

“My mum couldn’t stop laughing at me when she found out. My dad’s more serious so I’ve not told him yet.”

Unless the guy is named after his father, I always assume the dad is the one laughing. I've recently had Modern Family on a bunch in the background during the day just for noise. All I can think about is how pumped Phil would be if Luke walked in and told him he legally changed his name on a drunken bet play wrestling. That's how I assume all dads work. 

Basically this is just a long-winded way of saying don't play wrestle your friends when you get drunk in your 20s. That's just bizarre.