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Of Course Wander Franco's First Career Hit Was A Home Run In His MLB Debut

Welcome to the show Wander!!! What a way to make your debut. First hit for the top prospect in baseball is a ball that was smoked just over the wall in left because of course it was. We've been hearing about him for years, anything less than a bomb in his first at-bat would have been a letdown. Listen to how loud that crowd was too, they were waiting for this for a long time. Promises made, promises delivered like Stu said. And it was a clutch homer too! Tied up the game with his 3-run blast off Eduardo Rodriguez. I talked about the Rays needing a spark plug after this losing streak, look who provides it. Buckle up MLB, you all are in a world of trouble if this kid is good as we think he is. 

And how about his dad recording his first hit, look at him go crazy. Awesome moment for the Franco family. He also added a double and made a filthy play in the field. I know it's a shock that the top prospect in baseball appears to be very good, but it's awesome to see a guy come up and make plays right away.