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If You're Watching The College World Series Then You Need To Rewatch The Augie Garrido Rants

Nothing says Omaha like Augie Garrido (RIP) throwing the best tantrums in sport history. I don't care what level. I don't care what league or organization or team or sport. Nobody and I mean NOBODY cares about a good clean performance the way Augie does. And honestly this is what makes college baseball the best to me. You can't talk to players like that in mainstream sports. Word gets out too quick. 

College baseball? 

Absolute psychopaths at every single phase from little league through Cooperstown. And at no stop are they as insane as college baseball coaches. Guys that have sworn off normalcy and a regular life to ride a bus doubled up with a bunch of unruly 18-22 year olds, swallowing dip spit and watching the same 5 DVD's on an 11 inch panasonic bolted to the upper left corner, row 1 of the Peoria Charter. 

Fuck that lifestyle. Of course you're going to hold the players to high expectations. We're not talking about some game. We're talking about our lives here fellas. If you can't take that serious then maybe you need to get your head checked. 


Shoutout Augie. People forget he laid the foundation at the University of Illinois. Allow me to remind you

Is 111-57 good? 

Answer: yes. 

Am I unreasonably proud of anything related to Illinois baseball? 

Answer: yes. 

That's how we're programmed. Enjoy the game tonight guys. More college baseball stuff coming even if you don't ask for it. Mintzy is too hot to play it otherwise.