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AMC Is Attempting To Get People Back Into Movie Theaters By Offering All You Can Eat Popcorn For The Rest Of June

Check out the suits at AMC thinking that us fat Americans would be ready to jump back into the movie theater with the offer of free popcorn and being COMPLETELY RIGHT ABOUT IT. No wonder why $AMC has been a rocket ship to the moon or whatever the kids say these days. I will now include an emoji to embrace myself to the youths.

There are many things I have missed over the last year and the intoxicating smell of popcorn as I enter the movie theater is right at the top. Coronavirus could literally be sitting in the theater with his feet on the back of my chair, spoiling the entire movie while looking at his phone and I still would happily fork over whatever small fortune it costs to go to the movies these days just to shovel unlimited popcorn doused with the fakest butter on the planet down my throat. Is that popcorn fresh or is it stale after sitting in that bin for hours? Nobody knows but that's part of the moviegoing experience! Not even something as pretentious-sounding as #CinemaWeek can stop me from getting my grub on.

I will also probably give back whatever money I saved on unlimited popcorn to buy whatever the biggest sized bucket of Cherry Coke that AMC sells. I don't even care what movie is playing since everything is passable when you are shoving some fresh corn down your gullet (popcorn also tastes better when you call it corn). Damn it feels good to be back.

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I can smell this gif

Speaking of soda, I stumbled upon this breaking news as I was about to publish the blog.

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Absolute game changer. Someone go find Doc Brown in whatever random corner of Hill Valley he is living in these days and tell him we are officially living in the future.