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Stephen A. Smith Is Attempting To Drive Down Ben Simmons' Trade Value To Less Than Dick

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Stephen, my man. STEPHEN. You're a Philly guy. Worked for the Inquirer. Lived these streets. I'm not saying don't do your job, but come on now. Throw us a bone here. Daryl Morey is trying his best to swindle his way to an adequate return for the walking mental Titanic that is Ben Simmons. This doesn't help that cause. 

Sure, it's 100% believable, whether it's true or not. And Simmons being surrounded by family/yes-peole and coddled throughout the years would certainly explain why he shits himself when faced with adversity. But come on, Stephen! We're trying to get out of this with something just a little bit more than a dick in our hand. Positive, trade happy value vibes only. Please. 

FTLT post Game 7 rant. Let us get through this. Together.