The NBA Finally Decided To Stop Letting Players Ruin The Sport

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Now this is what I'm talking about! Finally the league realized they had to do something about the worst thing to happen to their league in years. There is simply no denying that this was a major problem and frankly was ruining the sport. It didn't matter who it was, whether it was Trae Young, James Harden, or even Steph Curry, shit like this was happening way too frequently 

How many times do we see James Harden take a three and immediately fall in order to bait an official? A billion. Honestly it's not their fault, the game is the game. The players know it's going to be called and that's why they do it. If you want it out of the game, the officials have to stop calling it. They do that and the players will adjust. Well let's have a look at these new rule changes

This checks all the boxes for me. I guess I just need to know what an "abnormal angle" is. Is that Luka/Steph play what they are talking about? I certainly hope so. 


The big one is also that third rule change in terms of offensive players going backwards into a defender. That's the James Harden/Trae Young special. 

That's probably annoying to a certain underachieving and forever fraudulent franchise. It's going to be interesting to see how players like Trae Young counter this adjustment because as we see with smaller players, this is a huge part of their offensive arsenal.

Playing defense in the NBA is hard enough. You can't hand check, and even if you play perfect defense and contest a shot, fouls like these make it virtually impossible. It was nothing but bail out after bail out. While offense puts asses in the seats, it wasn't basketball. At some point the league had to stick up for defenders and it's good to see them finally take some action.

What I now look forward to is the league's official NBA ref Twitter account putting themselves in pretzels trying to justify plays we all know are fouls. You may remember this from earlier this year


You read that correctly. Contesting a shot is apparently illegal defense. Part of me wonders if they are only doing this because of how they were told to officiate, but that that those rules are changing they won't have to blatantly lie to our faces anymore.

Either way, this is good for the league, good for the quality of play and something that desperately needed to happen.