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Ben Mintz Can Go STRAIGHT to Hell

I'm about to have a conniption. This son of a bitch Ben Mintz looked me in the eyes last night and told me he was taking Texas. Man to man, no cameras around. I was the fool who took him at his word.

Also, he's on Tennessee and Mississippi State and nobody actually knows that because he fucked up the delivery so bad with whatever the hell this "Fade Mintzy" is. Are we fading the fade now? Is he fading himself? Just give us the picks.


I can't deal with this guy. He literally holds the power to singlehandedly destroy the dreams of guys who have worked for the better part of two decades to get to the College World Series and he doesn't care one bit. It's infuriating.

I know the Vols didn't have an amazing showing in their CWS opener, but if we go two and out, it sits squarely on the shoulders of Mintzy. This guy can go straight to Hell as far as I'm concerned.

I just have to trust that Tony Vitello and the boys are strong enough to overcome the Mintz Curse, even if I don't believe that in my heart of hearts. How could someone so seemingly lovable turn the world against him? This guy is truly an enigma.