Because Of The National Chicken Wing Shortage, Wingstop Has Become Thighstop

The pandemic has had many consequences but this may be one of the unaccounted-for long-term consequences. There is a national chicken wing shortage. Rick Ross is now hustlin' thighs, If you have seen any of his music videos this shouldn't be a surprise.

Chicken Wings sales have been going crazy since the lockdown. The price of chicken wings has risen over 300% in a year. With so many people investing in shitcoins, meme stocks, or other assets, Chicken Wings might have performed right up there with Dogecoin. The price of wings went from $.98 to $3.22 in a year. 

The reason wings have become so expensive is that there was such a demand for wings during the early days of the pandemic (This may be correlated with all the booze people were buying). I was guilty of eating a ton of wings during the pandemic, it's comfort food.  This demand was then combined with meat processing plants scaling back production to institute covid protocols. So now we are running low on wings. 

The demand for wings was so high many restaurants were operating fake restaurants out of their kitchens that only existed on the internet in food ordering platforms. Neighborhood Wings was really Applebee's. 

Since most of the wing demand was over online platforms, Wingstop has now introduced Thighstop online and wings can only be found in-house.

For some reason, America prefers white meat chicken over dark meat. Most chicken fingers, tenders, wings, boneless wings all use white meat chicken from chicken breast. Chicken thighs are dark meat, and because there has been lower demand for them in the pandemic, they have become much cheaper per pound than wings. America may start changing its chicken eating habits due to this forced change. Thighs could Wally Pip Wings. 

Apparently, some restaurants have been serving wings at "Market Price" like lobsters or steaks. The whole thing sounds pretty nuts. With the wide-scale vaccinations in place hopefully, we can return to some sort of normalcy and get our wing production back up.