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Wayne Gretzky's Silky Smooth Hands Are Aging Like A Fine Wine, As Evidenced By His Behind-The-Back Lax Skills

Okay so first and foremost, how about Joe Tsai? Buddy is a billionaire, co-founder of Alibaba, owner of the Brooklyn Nets, and just out here showing off that not only does he have a left hand but can also sling the rock with a righty BTB. 57-years-old and he's got better mitts than at least a handful of guys in the league. 

Then we get to The Great One. Now obviously that first BTB wasn't on target. But that was a smooth stroke with a stick that he had probably never used before. All he needed to do was just snap his wrists a little more at the release and that would have been perfect. But it doesn't take long for Gretz to get dialed in. You don't score 894 career NHL goals and put up an absurd 2857 total career points without having hands made out of the finest silk the land has ever seen. So after one BTB goes a little off the mark, he recalibrates and fires off a beauty for attempt number 2. Lotta pressure with the camera rolling and the Great One delivered. 

To be fair, I could absolutely dust Wayne Gretzky in a little 1v1 lacrosse game. You put me and 99 up against each other in a Braveheart and I'm winning 9 times out of 10. That's just a fact. But the other fact here is that I can't imagine he's been tossing the rock too frequently over the last 10 years so the fact that he was able to get out there and deliver a behind-the-back that smooth just proves that silk never fades. 

Oh and in case you need a little context here, Joe Tsai bought another pro box lacrosse team to play in Las Vegas with an ownership group that includes Wayne Gretzky, Dustin Johnson and Steve Nash. 

Christ. What a squad to play for.