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I Don't Just Like It... I Don't Just Love It... I ABSOLUTELY GOTTA HAVE NC STATE TONIGHT

Alright no surprise but I'm in Omaha with Mintzy and Brandon Walker to #GrowTheGame because I care deeply about Division 1 baseball. How deeply? When I was cut from walk on tryouts as a freshman, I cried until I consistently threw 90mph. Now I have access to one of the internet's greatest gif(t)s and you guys are reading this blog. 

That's more or less the story but now fast forward 15 (yes, fifteen) years later and I'm at Omaha covering the tournament. It's been a pretty nice journey but nobody gives a fuck because it's still going. I don't want to be the guy at the party talking about how great the party is. I want to be the guy at the party that's making it a great party. If that makes sense then keep reading. If it doesn't, then you're probably That Guy. 

Tonight's party involves Vanderbilt vs. NC State. The hottest team in the country vs the world's #1 pitching prospect. It's beauty and it's grace. It's miss United States. This is why you travel out to Omaha and wager responsibly. 

On that note, we love NC State tonight +185 as well as over 9.5 runs. If you want to be extra sharp, follow instructions here for a free t-shirt on what I expect to be a slam dunk. Get a piece of this action and I'll tell you why I love NC State.

Seriously go bet it. 

If you did, then you'll be happy to know Jack Leiter is taking the mound with a lot of piss and vinegar tonight. He's been in a season long competition with Kumar to be the #1 whether anyone wants to admit it or not. The competitive juices are there and everything comes to a head tonight. Heart rate through the roof. Fastball velocity is going to be elevated. Everything is heightened on the biggest stage and truth be told that doesn't necessarily help the pitcher. 

He's been off a number of days in a row. NC State is literally murdering people without any sight of slowing down. You couldn't ask for a worse matchup for Vanderbilt coming into the biggest game of their lives. Explosive lineup ready to pounce vs. a pitcher that should be up in the zone early while he's trying to break radar guns. 

That's why I love NC State. The momentum mixed with the emotion mixed with the underdog story in a venue that favors underdogs. You can't talk me out of +185 no matter how hard you try because I know NC State's offense shows up tonight. 

And if that isn't good enough, then just know Mintzy is on Vanderbilt. If that doesn't sway you then you're already dead. 

As for the over, consider it insurance. NC State will show up tonight. That's a fact.