Julianna Zobrist Was Allegedly Banging The Family Pastor After Her Husband Ben Won A World Series MVP For The Chicago Cubs

I’m still newer to marriage so I don’t want to get on too much of a soap box here but if your husband is winning MVP honors for the Chicago Cubs, then you shouldn’t be fucking other dudes. Like if That Guy can’t get a woman to commit faithfully then what shot do the rest of us have. Give us a fucking chance already.

At a more detailed level I’m wondering if I can accuse Julianna and/or this guy of being the devil without being liable for some kind of slander. Because pound for pound these people are straight up fucking evil monsters:

Yawn provided the Zobrists pre- and post-marital counseling, the lawsuit states. He also counseled Ben Zobrist regarding anxiety and depression.

Beginning in August 2018, Yawn talked daily with Julianna Zobrist, the lawsuit states. It alleges their sexual relationship began in the spring of 2019 and lasted for about a year.

Yawn and Julianna Zobrist used prepaid mobile telephones to help conceal their relationship, the lawsuit states. Yawn's wife, Robin Yawn, reportedly discovered the phones in May 2019.

My blood is boiling. Anxiety and depression? Okay let me stuff your wife. Trouble with your marriage? Let me see that box. Absolutely disgusting behavior from a man of god. Zobrist deserves so much better.

Even worse - the Pastor was actively encouraging Ben (via mental health counseling) to give Julianna distance. The exact distance that he then used to pound Mrs. Zobrist. My heart goes out to Ben knowing he was subject to such manipulation.

Never forget.