Don’t Be Snide: Everything You Need To Know Ahead of Today’s Stool Streams LVI, Live at 2:30 PM ET

Welcome back to another edition of Stool Streams presented by High Noon Hard Seltzer. Today's Main Event features the most highly anticipated rematch in the history of Stool Streams Cornhole. After the birth of their rivalry last week, Nate and Frank The Tank embark on another battle of the bags today. We also have two additional matches leading up to the big one, and in addition to that, it's another chance for you to take home the $1,500 Progressive Jackpot. Here is a breakdown of each of our three matches today:

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Match 1 - Jeff D. Lowe vs. MRags


History: Jeff 3-1, MRags making debut

Storylines: Our opening match today gives MRags an opportunity to prove that he is a solid competitor inside the Triple S. After getting smoked in his table tennis debut, he now faces an uphill battle in Jeff D. Lowe in cornhole, who is one of the better players in the office at this sport. It will be interesting to see what Jeff is more focused on: his match against MRags or his sideline duties for our main event.

Quotes to Remember: "I think I'm being disrespected, I've seen some rankings that have me towards the bottom of the list." - Jeff D. Lowe

"Jeff has the best hair in the office, is a great host, but it's gonna be a shame when he goes down hard." - MRags

Question 1 - Series Winner

Question 2 - Total Cornholes (Game 1)

Match 2 - Billy Football vs. Feitelberg


History: Billy 0-2, Feits 1-1

Storylines: It is a new era for William Pigskin. After multiple years as an intern, he makes his first appearance inside Stool Streams Stadium as a full-time employee. Although his record may not indicate it, we'll cll it a clean slate for Billy, who still searches for his first Cornhole win inside the Triple S. Tommy is a late substitution to this match, and also searches for his first career win today.

Quotes to Remember: "Feits is a fashionista." - Billy

"Tommy is good at Cornhole, but he gets gassed." - Tommy

Question 3 - Series Winner

Question 4 - Margin of Victory (Game 2)

Match 3 - Nate vs. Frank The Tank

History: Nate 2-2, Frank 0-3

Storylines: Welcome to one of the most highly anticipated rematches in the history of Stool Streams. This match is going to be MUST-WATCH competition. After Frank The Tank nearly pulled off his first career win last week, he has another chance to do it against Nate this afternoon. Can the New Jersey native finally get over the hump against his rival? Only time will tell.


Quotes to Remember: "I need to work on not throwing the bag too high, my parabola needs to be smaller." - Nate

"A miracle, the curse never ends." - Frank The Tank on what needs to happen in order for him to win 

Question 5 - Series Winner

Question 6 - Total Cornholes (Entire Match)

First pitch is at 2:30 PM ET. Remember to make your picks and we will see you then. If you need to burn some time before we hit the air, here are some other matches from previous broadcasts.