Ronnie From The Jersey Shore Got Engaged Again This Weekend, At The Same Time His Ex Wife Jenn Harley Was Getting Arrested In Vegas For Pulling A Gun On Her Boyfriend

"Jersey Shore" star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is a newly engaged man, putting a ring on his girlfriend's finger the same weekend his ex, Jenn Harley, allegedly pointed a gun at her new boyfriend.

Ronnie asked Saffire Matos to marry him over the weekend with a beachside proposal in Los Angeles on Saturday ... according to People. However, while the 2 celebrated, Ronnie's ex, Jenn, and her boyfriend had some fireworks of their own.

Law enforcement sources tell us Jenn and her bf Joseph Ambrosole pulled up to the legendary Crazy Horse 3 in Vegas and were allegedly arguing about where to park and about Jenn's drinking.

We're told things got so heated at the bar, security actually asked them to leave ... which they did, but sources say the fighting didn't end there. We're told that on the drive home, Jenn allegedly started wailing on the back of Joseph's head ... and then, we're told she chucked his phone out the window -- forcing him to pull over to get out and look for it.

Once Joseph was out of the car, our sources say Jenn got in the driver's seat and took off -- leaving Joseph in the street, where he had to find a ride home.

We're told things intensified even further when they got home -- where the fight continued -- and Jenn allegedly pointed a gun at Joe.

Cops say Jenn allegedly said something along the lines of "I'll shoot and kill you," but Joseph was able to get out of the way ... while Jenn fled the scene again.

We're told cops were called at that point, and they eventually tracked her down ... hauling her to jail and booking her on charges of domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon.

I hate to copy paste almost an entire story like that, but there are SO many facets to this. First of all, this is a TON of detail. Congrats to Ronnie, on the engagement, and also on not looking like the psychopath in the relationship for once. Back to the details - there's so much information, it makes me think Jenn's "bf" was the one giving this information to TMZ. How else would they know about an argument they had on the way to the club? "Arguing about where to park, and Jenn's drinking" ?? That feels intimate. You don't just go around arguing loud enough to get a discernible "oh, they can't find a place to park, also Joseph is monitoring Jenn's alcohol intake." 

Now onto the drive do they know she was "wailing on the back of his head"? How many people were in this car to see her doing this, and then throwing his phone out the window? Another important note, Joseph was driving? She (drunkenly) stole the car and left him on the side of the road? Okay.


Now Joseph gets home. Jenn's already there, waiting to argue more? The argument got so intense that she pulled a GUN on this man? I mean, I think an arrest is the least we can do here. She told him she would "shoot and kill him." She fled the scene again, to later be caught up and booked. Rightfully so. insane. This woman is a mother. This kind of behavior is OUT OF CONTROL. I'll say, I've always thought Ronnie was kind of a bad guy. He's seemed controlling, manipulative, abusive, etc etc - all things that seem to be proven true at this point. It seems like toxic attracts toxic though - Jenn is outside of her mind. Arrested is the least of her worries - let's get this bitch into some anger management. She's beating the shit out of people! She's throwing phones and driving drunk! She's pulling guns for no reason! I'm truly speechless. She needs a life overhaul ASAP.