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Getcha Tissues Ready: The Giants Are Officially Retiring Eli Manning's Number At Halftime Of The Week 3 Game Against The Falcons

For those counting at home, it only took one year of unlimited fatherhood for Eli to return to the Giants organization, which seems about right. Man am I happy to see 10 is back cashing checks for Big Blue, especially since shaking hands and kissing babies beats the hell out of trying to lead a flawed team down the field while avoiding superfreak pass rushers being "blocked" by Ereck Flowers and Nate Solder.

Eli getting his jersey retired was an absolute no-brainer considering the very little known fact that he led the Giants to two Super Bowls over the greatest sports dynasty any of us will ever see, headed by the greatest coach and quarterback we will ever see. 


I wouldn't have hated them throwing this ceremony before the beating the Giants owe the Eagles in November. However, considering Eli's first career start was against the Falcons, it feels kinda right to put 10 in the rafters against the Dirty Birds plus I'm sure the ticket department doesn't mind selling a few tickets against a relatively vanilla NFC South team now that Giants season tickets are no longer sold out for multiple lifetimes.

This will actually be the one Giants game I'm at this year (due to work + kids owning me every other NFL Sunday) and I am already tearing up thinking about the tribute video the Giants will make for Eli, the return of Giants legends like General Coughlin, Michael Strahan, and Ramses Barden followed by the typical awwww shucks Eli speech with the perfect amount of Eli dad jokes to lighten the mood as we remember all the wonderful throws he made that the haters so easily forgot.

Next stop: Canton, along with the absolute shitstorm that announcement will cause.

P.S. Eli slowly morphing into Archie in his face has me feeling especially old as fuck today.