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Josh Smith Simply Won't Stop Unleashing Hell On That 'No In-Game Adjustment Having Bum Ass' Doc Rivers

I very much enjoy how much Josh Smith despises Doc Rivers. He goes in on him often, especially in the playoffs, but this is the best rant he's had. Massive ricochet shot at Mike Woodson too. I know he coached the Hawks, but I like to imagine Josh Smith just fucking hates Indiana. No in-game adjustment having ass is just a grade A basketball insult that every single person just agrees with. Doc Rivers isn't unlucky, he's the biggest choke artist in the NBA. He blows leads all the time, he blows series all the time. He was basically gifted a relatively free ride to the conference finals and couldn't beat a 5-seed Hawks team without Cam Reddish and De'Andre Hunter. To quote Josh Smith - bum ass. 

At least Smith has adjusted his insult from the 3-1 bum to this. 

Calling someone a bum needs to be utilized more. It's a great insult. Gets me every time. But this rant is Smith's masterpiece, even better than when he ended Doc as a Clipper. 

Sure, Simmons sucked. Sure, there are questions about who you can win with on Philly. But how many series losses and blown leads have to happen for everyone to realize Doc got lucky to create a SuperTeam in 2008 in order to win his one title. The guy hasn't sniffed a title since then because he chokes it away all the time. 

I was really hoping Smith would just keep winding up like it was his jumper when he was making fun of Doc. Why stop just at no in-game adjustment having bum ass? Just keep hurling insults like it's reading off someone's nicknames. 3-1 blown lead having ass should have been thrown in there too. Probably should have used something about signing only people who play good against him. But the word bum. That's just an A+ insult word. We need to use it more.