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Vegas Just Pulled Off An Ocean's 11-Esque Heist In Montreal

Let's call a spade a spade: the Vegas Golden Knights had no fucking business winning this game.

First off, credit to Robin Lehner. Many rolled their eyes or were puzzled when DeBoer went with Panda for Game 4, but he was insane tonight.

Legendary comment.

With that said, the Habs outplayed the Knights without question. I don't even know much about hockey and I could even tell that without much contemplation. Vegas was barely producing chances on offense, and Montreal had clean look after clean look all night on the other end. They just haven't looked like themselves since that Overtime in Game 3. Some Montreal players even said Vegas looked tired at the end of that game, and they were out-skated even to start Game 4, and through much of the game!

But, just like Montreal shouldn't have won Game 3…

…Vegas returned the favor in Game 4.

DeBoer and the boys should be walking out of Montreal like this right now…

Now get back to the fucking identity of the best team in hockey that you've shown all season.

Back to The Strip. Back to a home-ice advantage.

Go Knights Go.