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Doc Rivers Couldn't Even Find A Way To Lie When Asked About Ben Simmons Being Terrible

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Listen, this is a tough spot for me. Doc Rivers played a role in one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I will always have love for Doc for what he did in 2008. At the same time, I am thoroughly enjoying watching The Process come crashing down in flames. Well wait, can you come crashing down if you've never really been anything in the first place? I'm not sure. I mean making the 2nd round is cool, the injured Celtics couldn't even do that this season playing a fully healthy Brooklyn team. I would have loved to make the 2nd round. But for that to be the deepest you've ever been in the playoffs despite years and years of tanking, multiple #1 picks, a new coach and GM, trading for shooters, getting. #1 seed and having Game 7 at home? Definitely less cool. 

All I've had to hear is that The Process was a success despite the Sixers never even making an ECF because in the end, they landed Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. You know, this guy


You could make the case that Ben Simmons is the precise reason why The Process has failed. It sure as shit isn't Joel Embiid, even with his faults. That dude just played his dick off with a partially torn knee. No shit he got tired at the end, look at who his running mate is! Now I'm not Trysta level, I do think Ben has a legit set of skills that can help a team. He just can't be your second star. He's a role player, plain and simple. If you can't even touch the ball in the fourth quarter of Game 7 with your season on the line, you are not a star player. You are a defense/facilitating role player. Only problem is the Sixers are paying that role player 5/177M. A player that started the year with a trade value market of James Harden is now nowhere close to that. You think he's getting you an MVP caliber player on the open market anymore? After getting exposed AGAIN in the playoffs? No chance. Shit, Daryl Morey might have to attach picks to him just to get him off the roster.

But back to Doc's comments. I'm sure his brain is scattered, but you just can't say that. Even if you believe it with every fiber of your being. Now it's a story on top of everything that just happened. Way to show confidence in your franchise point guard Doc. Maybe he knows he's about to get shit canned or something so he doesn't give a fuck. Between that and a comment like this

that has to be tough to stomach. My question is why are we asking if Ben Simmons can be the starting point guard on a team that wins a championship. He can't even be the starting point guard on a team that makes the goddamn Conference Finals so why are we talking about titles?