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A Streaker Rushed The 13th Fairway At The US Open And Took A Few Hacks

Look at em go! What an absolute hero this guy is. World’s biggest stage, unreal US Open in full swing and this guy just wanted a piece of the action. Cannot blame him in the slightest.

I’m actually surprised we don’t see this type of thing more often. I went to THE PLAYERS this year and couldn’t help but think how easy it would be to sneak a club in and give the island green a go. Or even just give a golf ball a huck and see if you can land it on there. You’d be an instant legend.

Also cannot be ignored the seamless cart to tackle move by the security guard. Thought for a second we were just gonna see that guy get mowed down by a golf cart. What a scene that would’ve been. Regardless, this tournament has EVERYTHING.