Between Suns In Four Guy And This Blake Kid Going Bananas, The Suns Are Basically Unbeatable

Blake! He made a name for himself recently when I blogged about him stealing Blake of the Year award. 


Kid just gets it. Camera hits him and he doesn't miss a fucking beat. It's also showing that the Suns have too much going for them simply to lose ever. Look at the score. 93-93 going into the fourth quarter and bam here comes Blake. Easiest way to win a quarter is have someone get the team going. 

Blake going tarps off for the Suns and stealing the hearts of everyone. Suns in Four guy showing up to the game and getting stopped every step. 

Basically the Suns are just fucking cool. The jerseys were always top notch. Sure, I'm livid they don't wear the Dan Majerle-era black jerseys and go with the new age ones. Devin Booker is as cool as you get. Just oozes being cool. Deandre Ayton loves getting money = cool. They have Frank Kaminsky! Feel like that goes unnoticed. Throw in Blake and Suns in Four guy and you have a fucking crew. JR Smith is going to be jealous of the party in Phoenix because we are ALL IN on the Suns bandwagon. 

Oh speaking of Devin Booker. Pretty fucking good! 


The Suns deserve a title. They've always been everyone's secret crush. Impossible not to love the Nash era teams. Impossible not to love Chuck and KJ and Thunder Dan. Everyone secretly loves the Suns, you're just waiting for the right moment to announce it. This is the time now. Suns in Four.