The Bucks Take Down The Brooklyn Nets Superteam With An EPIC Game 7 Win

David Dow. Getty Images.


That game was AWESOME. Everything you could want in a Game 7 and then some. Tight the whole way through with each heavyweight throwing blow after blow. A back and forth that I'm sure was absolute torture for either fanbase. We were blessed with the first Game 7 OT in like 15 years and boy did it deliver. You could make the case that this game was ultimately what decides the NBA championship, that's what was at stake here. 

Had the Bucks lost this game, I'm not sure how tbey recover. They definitely fire their coach, but man what a collapse that would have been. They were up two possessions with a minute left only to see Kevin Durant do Kevin Durant things and come 2 inches away from winning the game by himself

What else is there to say about Durant? He's not human. A total of 53 minutes and 48 points, I don't even care that he airballed at the end. Guy had to be gassed after putting up one of the best individual performances we've ever seen. His 48 points are the most all time in a Game 7. He was beyond incredible.

But so was Giannis. You want to talk legacy? Giannis went into Brooklyn in a Game 7 and went punch for punch with Kevin Durant with the season on the line. He finished with a decent 40/13/5 of his own. After last year's disaster against the Heat, the way the Bucks blew Game 5, blowing this one would have been a disaster. The fact they were able to survive despite going nearly the full OT without scoring was a gigantic prayer. Now they have a great opportunity to make the first Finals of the Giannis era. Giannis needed one of these type of wins after so many playoff shortcomings, and tonight he carried this Bucks team over the finish line. While Middleton and Holiday had some big stretches, they still finished a combined 14-49. That's not great but whatever, they held on and won this instant classic.

For the Nets, hard to be a superteam and then not even make it out of the second round. Sure they have injuries, but so does everyone else. It's not an excuse for them so it shouldn't be for Brooklyn. They got an otherwordly Kevin Durant and still couldn't putt it out. Joe Harris fell off the face of the earth after seemingly not missing the entire year. No Nets bench player took a shot tonight! Give Harden credit got gutting it out, but his 2-12 from deep certainly was an issue. At the end of the day they scored just 2 points in OT and now their season is over. Who had this team not making it out of the 2nd round? Nobody, even banged up. 

It's hard to win an NBA title. You need some level of luck for things to break your way. Even if you're a superteam. For everyone who says the NBA is scripted, well there ya go. A truly incredible game for the full 53 minutes that was everything but predictable. 

Hopefully we get as good a Game 7 tomorrow with PHI/ATL. There's nothing like Game 7s in the NBA playoffs. What an awesome game. What an awesome moment for Bucks fans. You took down the giant, now your title window is WIDE open.