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My College World Series picks

Which closer am I?

When Bayou Ben Mintz failed spectacularly in his bid to grow the game of college baseball last week by bombing on his picks, Dave Portnoy lost his mind. I watched with great curiosity as Dave chewed Ben out while wearing Arkansas baseball gear and 2XS pants and I wondered, "How do his nuts breathe in jeggings?" But after that, I knew what was about to happen.

Like one of the great relievers in baseball history, I would be called in to save the day. I am coming to put out the fire. I am like a young Rod Beck in that regard.

So I've been tasked with #growingthegame and I'm headed to Omaha for the College World Series.

There are two games today and two games Sunday. First, I'll give you my three picks for today. 

The stadium is huge. Home runs in other parks die harmlessly in Omaha. Plus, Vandy is throwing the best pitcher in college baseball later today.

The answers here are unders.

NC State-Stanford? Under 10.5.

Vanderbilt-Arizona? Under 10.5

And I like Stanford to handle NC State, who is not playing a team known for choking this time of year. Stanford -1.5. These are all available on the Barstool Sportsbook. If you're in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan or Indiana, let's have some fun.

Again, my picks are:

  • Vanderbilt-Arizona Under 10.5
  • NC State-Stanford Under 10.5
  • Stanford -1.5 vs. NC State
  • Bonus pick: Nets -1.5 vs. Bucks

And one more for the road, here's my national champion.