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Taylor Swift Announced Her Next Album Rerelease That Will Include A Ten Minute Version Of All Too Well, Somewhere Jake Gyllenhaal Weeps

Our Queen has finally spoken. The next album getting the Taylor's Version treatment is Red. It will include THIRTY SONGS. THIRTY!!!! The original album (not deluxe) was 16 songs. How many songs does this woman have under wraps??? Does she ever sleep?? What's it like to be oozing with so much creativity that you can just throw 14 new future #1 hits onto an album from 2012? Unbelievable. Waiting until November 19th will be impossible. But, the real story here, is the confirmation that "one of the songs will be 10 minutes long." I heard everyone in the world gasp at the same time when they read that. What's the significance?


"All Too Well" is famously about Jake Gyllenhaal. A gut wrenching breakup song, one that I, and many other heartbroken bitches out there have blasted from the ROOFTOPS when we don't have the words to express our own heartbreak. Taylor told us all this:

On the Nov. 17 episode of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums podcast, Swift shared the origins of "All Too Well," the first song she wrote for her 2012 album. The star noted that it all began with an ad-libbing session in the studio.

"It included the F-word and basically I remember my sound guy was like, 'Hey, I burned a CD of that thing that you were doing in case you want it.' And I was like, 'Sure,'" she explained. "I ended up taking it home and listening to it. And I was like, 'I actually really like this but it definitely is like 10 minutes long and I need to pare it down.'"


Boom. That's all we needed to hear. For 9 years we have been patiently waiting for Taylor to drop the 10 minute version of the song that rips Jake Gyllenhaal (and all of our ex boyfriends) to shreds. Now, it's time. Buckle up.