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The Boss Ricky Ross Has A Track Coming Out Where He Goes Back And Forth With The Notorious B.I.G. Over A "Fly Like An Eagle" Sample And I Am Rock Hard

HNHH - Rick Ross' upcoming album Richer Than I've Ever Been has seen a few delays, and while that might prove frustrating to some, it would appear that the Boss is simply taking his time to perfect the project. That's not to say he's kept us entirely in the dark. Renzel has been relatively generous with his snippets, having previously shared a glimpse at an Isaac Hayes-sampling track a few months back.

Now, he's come through with another tantalizing peek at what's to come, revealing that he actually managed to secure a posthumous verse from The Notorious B.I.G. Ross took to Instagram to showcase the unreleased duet, which finds him going back-and-forth with the late legend over a sample of Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like An Eagle."

Based on Biggie's bars, it would appear that the verse in question is drawn from "Hustler's Story" off the 2005 compilation Duets: The Final Chapter. Still, the way it's broken up and structured to appear as if he's trading bars with Rozay makes this one feel new and exciting. It's entirely possible that Rozay's recent meetings with Diddy had something to do with this one's creation, as the timing would certainly suggest a link. 

Given that Ross has actually drawn comparisons to Biggie throughout the years, it's interesting to hear them presented on equal footing, segueing into one another over a bouncy bass-driven beat. Check out the snippet of the upcoming collab between Rick Ross and the late Notorious B.I.G, presumably set to appear on Richer Than I've Ever Been when that ultimately drops later this year. 

Good God man. What a great piece of news to start the week.

Ross has been teasing this album for a while now. Not the extent Drake has with his, but it's getting kind of ridiculous.

If he wasn't so busy running his Wingstop empire, now being temporarily rebranded as "Thigh Stop" maybe he'd have more time to focus on completing the project. 

(Chicken wing prices are outrageous right now. Not necessarily on the customer side, but on the purchaser side it's something that's never been seen before. I might actually blog about this later today since it's a national crisis and it isn't getting the attention it deserves)

The Biggie vocals come from 2005's Duets "Hustler's Story".

If we're talking rearrangement and tit for tat reminiscent of Biggie and Method Man's classic "The What" then this has the potential to be an instant classic.

If that beat sounds familiar, and not in a Steve Miller way, it's because it also heavily samples EPMD's classic, "You're A Customer".