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Keep Kemba Walker As Far Away From The Knicks As Humanly Possible, Don't Even Think About It Happening

First and foremost, fuck Joey Langone. Yeah, it's a shtick from Podfathers but how dare he put this on Twitter. Absolutely not. I want nothing to do with this. Kemba Walker is not someone the Knicks should even think about trading for. That contract? In the words of my pal Coley Mick, p.u. An often-injured guard that has had individual success but doesn't change a franchise? Nope, don't want any of that. Go after someone like Lonzo Ball 100 times and fail before you even accept anything from Sam Presti and Oklahoma City. Think about it. Boston had to trade the 16th overall pick just to get off the contract. That's gross. That shows the value Kemba currently has to a team trying to win. 

I said this in October of 2019 and it's still true in June 2021. In fact it's even more true. 

The Knicks are finally doing smart shit. They have cap space. They have draft picks. They have pieces that need a little bit of  help. Kemba doesn't do that. I don't care that he has magic in the Garden, that was UConn Kemba. Not NBA Kemba. I'd much rather take a chance and overpay Chris Paul than have anything to do with Kemba. It's a no-brainer. All I really want though is Lonzo Ball. Keep the team young. Add a guard that fills a need and not one of the worst contracts in the sport. Shit, take a shot at pick 19 or 21 on a lead guard. There's plenty of options and they are all better than trading for Kemba.