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The Basketball Gods Have Blessed Us With A Nets/Bucks Game 7

Nathaniel S. Butler. Getty Images.


Now this is what I'm talking about. With only one Game 7 so far in these entire playoffs, my one wish for this second round was that we got three more with every series that was tied 2-2. It's the one thing that's really been missing this postseason. If you're not currently rooting for a team still alive in these playoffs, that should be your wish too. Who doesn't love a Game 7? They are the best thing in sports. You add in two title favorites in Bucks/Nets? That's the good shit. I don't care if the NBA did their thing to help ensure that would happen (which they 10000% did), we still get it and that's all that matters to me. I want chaos. I want drama. I want to see the best of the best play in high pressure situations with a potential title on the line. Because make no mistake about it, whoever comes out of this series is going to have a pretty damn good shot at winning the whole thing. 

So our quest for three Game 7s began with tonight and the Bucks. Coming off a brutal Game 5 collapse, who knew what to think heading into this game. The Bucks can look so good and then so bad all within the same 48 minutes that they have become impossible to predict. The only thing you could bank on was that Durant was probably going to be ridiculous. James Harden's hammy was a huge question. Would the Bucks adjust at all? Would they find a way to pull out this win despite their coach actively sabotaging their season because he has no fucking clue what he's doing? Everything was on the table as far as I'm concerned. 

Give the Bucks credit though, they showed up. Every time the Nets seemed to cut it close and every Bucks fan felt their asshole start to clench, Khris Middleton responded. Huge night for him with a monster 38/10/5/5 on 11-16 shooting (5-8 from three). For this team to have a sliver of hope in Game 7, this is the Khris Middleton they need. We then finally got to see Giannis at the five and guess what? It worked….again! He had a monster 30/17 of his own. 


Jrue Holiday wasn't as efficient but he filled his role as the #3 with 21/8/5/4 and some decent defense. This was the version of the Bucks we saw dominate the regular season and they showed up at the perfect time. Shit like this is probably what drives Bucks fans crazy. When this team doesn't forget how to play basketball, they are pretty fucking good. The crazy part is they once again sucked ass from behind the arc, finishing just 7-33. That's a weird part of this series. The Bucks somehow forgot how to shoot threes, yet they are still alive. They also only got 4 bench points tonight and won comfortably. I didn't exactly see that coming either. 

Yes, the Bucks are largely in this position because the Nets got hurt. So what, welcome to the playoffs. Find a team that isn't hurt outside of the Suns and even they now have to deal with Paul's covid situation. It's impacting every other series going on right now, the Nets aren't special. 

Which brings us to Game 7. Giannis vs Durant. The superteam is now down to their last life. The Bucks have an opportunity to move into what has to be their best chance at making a Finals during the entire Giannis era. MVP vs MVP. Basketball alien vs basketball alien. If that doesn't excite you I'm not sure you have a working brain. 

The dream is three Game 7s. So far we're 1 for 1. LFG.

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but if the Hawks want to win in 6 I won't be mad