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Exhale (Slightly) Mets Fans, The Initial Report On Jacob deGrom's Shoulder Is Good

You know what? I'm chalking this up as a W. Okay, that may be a little strong since there is still a second opinion incoming. Instead I am going to put it down as a 1-2-3 inning where Jake touched 102 on the gun multiple times while striking out the side. 

Mets fans have been in this baseball purgatory state of being happy that their team has a chance to sweep the Cubs in a four game series while also having a guillotine hanging over their head as they wait for the deGrom diagnosis. Everything checking out a day after Jake said he thought everything was fine is about as good as Mets fans will ever be able to feel about something baseball related.

Let Jake get a second opinion, a third opinion, and even up to a 10th opinion either with a brief IL stint or not. As much as I would love to have the best pitcher in the universe in the rotation for the like 15 games in the next week against division opponents, I want him healthy for meaningful games in September and hopefully October more than anything. Jake pitching for Game 96 is cool, but him pitching for Win 96 is better. 

Here's to hoping everything comes out fine in however many tests he gets done. Everyone keep doing whatever your luckiest ritual is, eating your lucky food, or sitting in your lucky place on the couch. It's all hands on deck when it comes to the most important shoulder in our lives.