The Bears Take Another Step Into Possibly Moving Out Of Soldier Field

*insert Joker here we go gif*

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The topic that has been discussed at every BBQ you've been at this Summer takes another step at becoming reality. The weird part about it though is while we certainly knew it was a possibility I don't think any of us can really visualize it happening. It's one of those things like when McDonalds was rumored to rename Wrigley "McWrigley" back in the Sam Zell days even though we knew it would never happen. 

But, this announcement makes it all very real. Credit to the Bears for jumping ahead and getting this out there too. You knew it would be reported elsewhere and I think it was smart to have some transparency on it. There's reasons that we all know people should be for this and the same can be same for reasons we're against it, but I guess for now we just wait and see.

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