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Sports Always Deliver: Denmark Scores 2 Minutes Into Its First Game Since Christian Eriksen Collapsed, Stops Match Minutes Later To Honor Him

Sports man. If there's one thing in life that always delivers in sports. We know what happened to Christian Eriksen when he collapsed on the field Saturday in Denmark. Fast forward a couple days and Eriksen is in the hospital barely a block away from the stadium. Denmark needing a win against Belgium takes the field with some pregame moments to honor Eriksen. 


Then less than two minutes into the game it happens. Goal. It's the second fastest goal in the tournament's history. You can't write that script yet it always seems to work out. You could see the emotion from the players. You could feel the emotion from fans who watched Eriksen collapse a few days ago. Then at the 10 minute mark to honor the jersey number he wears they stopped the match. 

There were reports that Eriksen could potentially hear this from his hospital room. That sends chills directly down my spine. As I write this, Denmark is still up 1-0 and has controlled the early portion of the match. Give us the storybook ending in this one. Give us a Denmark win. It's only right.