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You Play To Win The Game: ASU And Herm Edwards Are Being Investigated For Alleged Recruiting Violations, Including Hiding Recruits In Stadium Suites

From the man who gave us don't press send and all these other speeches about doing things the right way, we now have Herm Edwards fully embracing college sports. That's right, he's allegedly doing some cheating. That just shows that Arizona State is trying to compete, in my opinion. That's a school that should always be decent in sports. I mean it's the perfect campus, you're in Arizona, smokes everywhere and just a huge party. Who wouldn't want to go there to play football or basketball? 

I can't stop laughing at the thought of Herm thinking he could get away with hiding recruits in stadium suites though. 

[The Athletic] - It’s unknown how many prospects Arizona State is alleged to have entertained during the COVID-19 period. Sources told The Athletic that coaches were “hiding” recruits in a suite during a home game last season at Sun Devil Stadium. A former coach said he once ran into two recruiting assistants bringing a recruit up the back stairs of the program’s football facility to meet head coach Herm Edwards. (The recruit committed and ultimately signed with Arizona State.)

Obviously there were different rules last year during the pandemic in terms of visiting campuses. That wasn't going to stop ole Herm, again, allegedly. He knew he had an advantage and tried to use it. Still laugh out loud when I see this clip from his intro: 


That man simply had no idea Arizona State was the Sun Devils and now he's out here trying to illegally recruit. He's fully embraced college athletics, which is so dumb and so perfect. Listen, there are a million problems with college athletics but there's also no doubt in my mind that every coach bends the rules a bit. 

If I'm the Pac-12 I'm trying to convince the NCAA to brush this under the rug. The conference is a joke. They haven't been relevant in football since Oregon had Mariota. Yeah, sure, Washington made a college football playoff and then got smoked right away. USC has taken a step back. They just don't have that program that can make the playoff every year. Turn Arizona State into Blue Mountain State and we're cooking with gas here. Now hit the music.